Oh my goodness…ideas and thoughts keep changing and growing.  So many things are wrong…it is hard to keep up.  What we are supposed to do about it?  Again, so much research, so many ideas, it is so overwhelming…

Well, here is an overview that might help you… what contributes to the problem AND what we can do about it.  Note, any one of these can and do have books written on them…

Our minds: how we interpret the world and respond to the world can alter our body functions: 

  • pH levels                                 DNA formation                       Water composition
  • Microbiota production        Free radicals -> oxidative stress -> inflammation

Toxicity:  toxins we intake through air, water, diet, cleanses (house & body)

  • POPs  & PCBs : pesticides, herbicides, insecticides,  etc
  • Heavy metals : mercury, lead, aluminum, arsenic, etc
  • Toxic chemicals:
    • Air (methane & C02)
    • Water (chlorine, bleach, ammonia, metals, etc)
    • Food (food additives, stabilizers, dyes, flavourings, artificial sweeteners, synthetic vit/min/omega additives, BHA, BHTs, sodium aluminum sulphates, potassium aluminum sulphates, BPAs, dioxins)
  • Synthetic, artificial drugs that deplete our bodies of the very nutrients that they require to heal


  • Lack of nutrients : vitamins, minerals, fibers, healthy fats and sugars, anti-oxidants, phytonutrients
  • Excess of toxins (including toxic sugars, table salt, etc)
  • Synthetic foods, GMOs, junk foods, fast foods, etc
  • Microwaved foods & Pasteurized foods
  • Increased levels of free radicals, toxins, AGEs, etc
  • Increased levels of AGEs (Advanced Glycation Endproducts)

 The impact of the above creates the following:

  • Toxicity:  plugs up systems attacks to cells and molecules and prevents or distorts their function
  • Free Radicals: steal electrons from healthy molecules
  • AGEs: attach to cells and membranes and cause distortion, dysfunction and cellular death
  • All of which leads to :
    • Inflammation                         Depleted immune system                 Distorted DNA
    • Depleted microbiota              Poor blood / lymphatic / CSF flow
    • Cancer, Diabetes, hi Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Weight issues, Allergies, etc etc

 What we can do about it:

  • Eat whole foods (the less man is involved the more nutrient in the food)
  • Use foods, herbs, supplements that increase glutathione (detoxifies, Master Anti-oxidant, chelates, builds & regulates the immune system/hormone systems etc)
  • Avoid: unhealthy proteins, fats & sugars; microwaved, pasteurized, & synthetic foods
  • Use fibers, fermented foods and supplements to provide good pre and probiotics
  • Move:  yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, GOLF – we do not need strenuous exercise – we need to move

Be responsible, do your research, find a good health practitioner.

Here’s to your health!

For more information, contact: Dr Holly at holly@choicesunlimited.ca

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