The Entwined Book Collection is a very unique set of books. The first book – Entwined: A Romantic Journey back into Health was an attempt to provide a tremendous amount of REAL health information, as opposed to synthetic medications, to the general public using a romantic novel. In the book, there is an extended family with various physical and psychological issues, who are friends with the family across the street who have the degrees and designations in REAL health, i.e., a Dr of Natural Medicine, a PhD in Nutrition, a Psychotherapist, a Master Herbalist, a Physiotherapist, etc.

The two extended families socialize over pot luck dinners and philosophy breakfasts and share questions and information. The first family starts to attend the clinic and learn how to eliminate issues rather than manage them with synthetic pharmaceuticals. All of which occurs during ongoing family issues and fun and sexy marital stuff.

In the sequel, Maria, one of the prime characters in the first book, sets up an intriguing panel of Western Conventional physicians to debate with the people in the REAL health clinic.

Maria also comes up with the idea to ask everyone in the extended family/friends group to write their own book, the only criterion is that it has to be about health. Consequently, there are now 23 books in the Entwined Collection. Most are waiting to be published…but they are coming up one by one. So far we have the following venues: educational, political, historical, sci-fi, romantic, general.

So the remaining Entwined Collection shows all the characters on the cover and with the one writing the book featured in the middle. Maria’s book was the first to get published. The rest are waiting to go live.

We all hope that you enjoy reading whatever writing style you prefer and in the process learn lots about health and wellness.

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Read a sexy romantic novel, then go for Entwined: A Romantic Journey Back into Health. A sexy romantic novel, packed full of information on a wide variety of health issues.


Or the sequel: Entwined: The Continuing Journey.  



 Maria’s book: Entwined: A Love that Crosses Time



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