Can spiders really tell us anything? You will love this…I recently saw this posted – it reminded me of when I was shown the same study back in the 90s. You can find the study at:

The article reveals that:
1) without drugs – imagine, they create normal looking webs
2) with Marijuana – they look like they forgot what they were doing
3) with speed – they are very disorganized
4) but with caffeine – they look psychotic

And we push our bodies to cope with all the caffeine that we pour in it.

Now you might argue that there are good compounds in coffee…and you are right. BUT, don’t forget that those studies are usually based on the European style of Espresso, i.e., 1/2 ounce of coffee without cream and sugar. This is in direct contrast to the 20 – 32 ounces of coffee loaded with creams and sugars and flavourants that we consume in North America.

Coffee is also purported to have anti-oxidants – or anti-oxidants are infused into coffee…but we loose most anti-oxidants with heat.

But beyond the coffee, think of the caffeine that is consumed with soda drinks, or energy drinks.

This caffeine pushes already over active adrenals into fatigue.
This caffeine pushes the kidneys to pass out more water – so we become dehydrated

Now chocolate has a “caffeine like” compound that also stimulates the caffeinic receptors but in a different way. Rather than getting the spiking, you get a smaller increase that stays stable. That is unless you eat “junk chocolate” which is also loaded with sugar.

Choose your drink wisely…
Do your research…
Choose to be healthy…

Here’s to your health!
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