Your body is very dependent on every cell functioning optimally. Each cell has a number of “organelles” that need to function effectively for the cell to function. Many are familiar with the mitochondriaDr Holly mitochondria that in addition to a variety of other functions, provides the fuel for each cell. Thankfully you don’t need to understand the complexity of all the otherWikipedia cell organelles “organelles” and functions that are required in every cell in order for each cell to be effective.

For instance, the methylation cycle that includes the methionine cycle, the folate cycle, the biopterin cycle and the urea cycle also need to be working effectively in order for each cell to produce glutathione effectively, never mind umpteen other compounds.

But what you do need is an good health practitioner that does understand what these different organelles and functions require in terms of nutrients (found in herbs, spice and foods) that you do need…

Let’s take for instance, my favorite compound, glutathione. There are umpteen products that claim that they can increase your glutathione levels. Some work on the DNA that produce both mRNA and tRNA – the tools that make the glutathione.  DNA chromosome geneThere are some foods and products that help the Mitochondria function and produce the fuel that allow the tools to functions, like CoQ10 and iron. Then there are foods and supplements that support all four components of the methionine cycles that regulate and synthesize glutathione, like B Vitamins and amino acids.

Now you also have to take into consideration that there are 8 different glutathione compounds in the body. oh dear.

In addition, what is really fascinating are all the different roles glutathione has in the body. Most people who even know about glutathione think of it only as the Master Anti-oxidant, but it is also functions as the Master Chelator, Detox compound, immune regulating/protecting compound, and a huge number of other functions as well. In fact, some scientists claim that there isn’t a disorder, dysfunction, disease that isn’t correlated with low glutathione. From depression, to cardio, to immune issues, to gut issues, to diabetes,  to arthritis, etc. So you really want to make sure that it is up and healthy in each cell, organ, tissue, system of the body….

Aren’t you glad you don’t need to know all this stuff? But you want to make sure you have a health care practitioner that does. One that knows how to make sure all these functions are happening in every cell of your body? Or what nutrients you need in order to make it all happen?  Make sure you do.

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