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I often hear people claiming that one is better than the other. They are all excellent sources of nutrients depending on what you are looking for. My suggestion is that you buy a bag of each, make sure the flax is ground, and put them together in a large glass jar in your fridge – and benefit from all of them.

All excellent nutrient sources. And all have a broad spectrum of nutrients for everything from anti-inflammatory to anti-oxidant, amino acids for building, fats for transporting and insulating; vitamins and minerals and much more.

Nutrient Flax Hemp (over 400 nutrients) Chia
Amino acids      
  Alanine Low  check-mark-3-xxl Low
  Arginine Low High Low
  Asparagine Low  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl
  Aspartic acid Low  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl
  Cysteine Low  check-mark-3-xxl Low
  Glutamic acid Low  check-mark-3-xxl Low
  Glutamine Low  check-mark-3-xxl Low
  Glycine Low  check-mark-3-xxl Low
  Histidine Low  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl
  Isoleucine Low  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl
  Leucine Low Low  check-mark-3-xxl
  Lysine Low Low  check-mark-3-xxl
  Methionine Low  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl
  Phenylalaine Low  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl
  Proline Low  check-mark-3-xxl Low
  Serine Low  check-mark-3-xxl Low
  Threonine Low  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl
  Tryptophan Low  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl
  Tyrosine Low High Low
  Valine Low  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl
  Omega 3 (Linolenic   acid) Highest Balanced  check-mark-3-xxl
    ALA (alpha Linolic acid)  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl
  Omega 6 (Linoleic acid)   Balanced  
  Omega 9   Good  
  Oleic acid   Good  check-mark-3-xxl
  Palmitic acid    check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl
  Stearic acid   Low  check-mark-3-xxl
  Saturated fats  check-mark-3-xxl Low  check-mark-3-xxl
  Unsaturated fats  check-mark-3-xxl High  check-mark-3-xxl
   Non – soluble  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl
   Soluble  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl Highest
   Calcium  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl check-mark-3-xxl
Copper  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl  
   Iodine      check-mark-3-xxl
   Iron  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl
   Magnesium  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl
   Manganese  check-mark-3-xxl    check-mark-3-xxl
   Phosphorus  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl
   Potassium  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl
   Selenium check-mark-3-xxl  
   Strontium      check-mark-3-xxl
   Sulfur    check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl
   Zinc  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl
  Vitamin A    check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl
  Vitamin B1  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl
  Vitamin B2  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl  
  Vitamin B3  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl
  Vitamin B5  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl  
  Vitamin B6  check-mark-3-xxl  
  Vitamin B7    
  Vitamin B9  check-mark-3-xxl check-mark-3-xxl  
  Vitamin B12      
  Vitamin C    check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl
  Vitamin D3   low  check-mark-3-xxl
  Vitamin E    check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl
  Vitamin K1    check-mark-3-xxl  
  Choline  check-mark-3-xxl    
Other Phytonutrients      
  Anti-oxidants High  check-mark-3-xxl  check-mark-3-xxl
  Cannaboids   Over 60 different types  
     CBD   Good  
     THC   Minimal  
 Chlorophyll    check-mark-3-xxl  
 Lignans/phytoestrogens Highest    
 Mucin      check-mark-3-xxl
 Phospholipids    check-mark-3-xxl  
 Phytosterols    check-mark-3-xxl e

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