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There is a simple reason why Western medicine is failing globally….
1) they take a body that is compromised
2) they add a toxic chemical compound (pharmaceutical prescription that makes some people wealthy)
3) that requires more ATP (energy) to metabolize
4) that further depletes the body of the nutrient it requires
5) and masks the current symptoms
6) while ignoring the under lying issue

  • Why not do this instead:
    1) eliminate the toxins
    2) fill up with good nutrients

    • anti-oxidants
    • omega 3 anti-inflammatories
    • vitamins
    • minerals
    • phytonutrients
    • fiber
    • etc
  • 3) add in good thoughts and a stress free life style
  • 4) add in some healthy exercise (not heavy duty cardio and aerobics but yoga, palates, walking, Qigong, etc)

Maybe that is just too easy. Now, granted different people require different nutrients. AND different people respond to different healing modalities, ie., homeopathics, herbal, nutritional, supplemental, acupuncture, etc.

However recognizing how many different options we have, it is even more amazing that people will succumb to artificial chemical toxicity…

Here’s to your health!
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