My eyes are hugely important to me…to the point that I “freak out” when I cannot see.   I am sure that is due to a childhood trauma that I experienced but that is beside the point here.

Our eyes are a reflection of our health.  eyesJust like alternative practitioners can study the ear or the tongue and get a whole picture of what is going on in the body…so can the eyes tell a story.

Dr. Marc Grossman, is a Dr of Optometry and a licenced Acupunturist and studies eyes and nutrition.  From far and short sightedness to glaucoma to to cataracts to macular degeneration.

What he has learned from years of practice and research is how important glutathione, fatty acids, oxygen, real Vitamin C (attached to a lipid transport) lutein,  & zeaxanthin  are to the eyes.

That when the eyes show symptoms, they are telling you that the body is out of balance and rather than wearing glasses (a bandage that simply allows things to deteriorate), one needs to start taking better care of their health.

That nutrition, herbs, yoga, TCM (&/or Ayurvedic medicine), can have a tremendous impact on not just managing the symptoms of imbalance & disease (in the gut, in the liver, etc) but resolving the underlying issues causing the problem.

There is alot of research to now support that these conditions are very responsive to nutritional treatment, if given the right doses.

Be responsible, take care of your health.  Find a good health practitioner.

Here’s to your health!

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